Compact fixture vises are currently in the prototyping phase. ETA for beta testing release is April/May 2021. If you are looking for a compact vise I think you will find the features and price point very competitive and attractive.

Coming Soon

3" Compact Fixture Vise (Designed for a PCNC 440 to hold 2!) 

4",5", and 6" versions will follow. 


  • Hold parts larger than conventional vises

  • Leadscrew produces clamping force as well as retracting force (so you don't need to move the jaw by hand)

  • Serrated teeth allow for fine positioning. 

  • Dual station capability coming soon

  • Not promised by a work in progress: Pneumatic adapter to convert vise to a pneumatic vise. Should be backwards compatible with all vises.

  • 1.25" bolt spacing

  • Compatible with fixture plates with 1.25" bore/thread spacing (SMW, Tosa Tool, etc)

  • Entirely made of 4140 PH alloy steel (Rockwell 26-36) with Grade 8 fasteners. The bases will be further hardened to at least 50 HRC. 

  • Ground faces. The bases of the fixed jaw and moving jaw are ground to match each other. It is designed to be a reference in Z for parallels or soft jaws.

  • Includes 3 10-32 tapped holes for Talons or Shark Jaws (that I make and sell from hardened A2 tool steel)

  • Includes a standard bolt pattern for softjaws (the same as a Kurt DX4)

  • Includes a slot for repeatable softjaws in X (you press a pin in your softjaws and it fits into that slot)

  • Made in the USA