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Compact fixture vises are currently in the beta test phase. Target price is $325 for early adopters. Hoping to get them into beta testing by end of 2022. MSRP for non early adopters will probably be $399.

Coming Soon

4" Compact Fixture Vise (FV4) (Designed for a PCNC 440 to hold 2!) 

6" versions will follow

A Pro version may also follow. These are intended for machines running 10+ hp. 


  • Hold parts larger than conventional vises

  • Moving jaw is spring loaded so you don't have to retract the jaw by hand. It also preloads the jaw into the base, preventing ingress of chips. 

  • Serrated teeth allow for semi coarse position (travel range of 1.25"). This means you have to unbolt and adjust less when setting up.

  • The wedge itself has a travel range of 1/8" (for final clamping)

  • Dual station capability

  • Compatible with fixture plates with 1.25" bore/thread spacing (SMW, Tosa Tool, etc)

  • High stress components made from 4140 PH high strength alloy steel

  • Ground faces. The bases of the fixed jaw and moving jaw are ground to match each other. It is designed to be a reference in Z for parallels or soft jaws.

  • Base is made from 4140 alloy steel and hardened to Rockwell C 40+.

  • Includes a standard bolt pattern for soft jaws (the same as a Kurt DX4)

  • These may be upgradeable with a low profile pneumatic/hydraulic autocloser in the future

  • Made in the USA

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