Kickstarter #9 Retractable brass hook for avoiding surfaces EDC tool

This is a small brass retractable hook. It is spring loaded and is actuated by a slider mechanism. This is to prevent it from triggering by accident (like getting hooked on keys). The contact surfaces are sheathed within the aluminum housing away from contacting anything else. It is intended for gently opening shop doors and pressing buttons (it does also work on some of the pressure sensitive touchscreens I've tried it on). The contact surface, brass, consists of 61% copper (and I should also mention, 3% lead, not a problem unless you eat it). Copper is a good surface as far as economical metals go for killing microbes. Has a stone washed finish.

For even more information please check out my successful Kickstarter campaign that featured this tool.

Spare parts listing on my site per request from Kickstarter backers to upgrade their hooks. I have yet to hear of any hooks breaking or seen replacement parts ordered...

Made in the USA, CNC machined by myself in my garage.

The hook can hold 40 lbs without a problem (tested with a 5 gallon bucket of water as a load). To my knowledge, no one has ordered parts because they’ve broken although I do offer replacement parts (not the housings) on my site.

This is the original Kickstarter video featuring the 90 degree hook design. The retractable hook has since been updated to 135 degrees (increasing the distance between the users fingers and the object they are trying to avoid touching. Both designs are used the same way.

Production on the VMC


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