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Kickstarter #10 Mini CNC Machined Cerakoted Pen Holders

These are premium pen holders. CNC machined from a solid billet of aluminum then bead blasted and Cerakoted, these have a smooth ceramic cold and heavy feel to them. Inserted are chemical resistant Delrin liners that contrast nicely with the Cerakote and act as a glove for your writing instruments.

These are approximately 2-1/2" in length, width, and height of solid aluminum with 1/2" inner diameter Delrin chemical resistant plastic liners (to prevent damaging any writing instruments), rubber feet, and "Made in the USA Gtscientific LLC" engraved on the bottom.

To produce these 2-1/2" solid bar stock is cut to 2-1/2" cubes, then clamped in a vice on my vertical machining center. The top 98% is then machined, the part flipped, faced, bottom features machined, and then set in a degreaser. After degreasing they are then blasted, Cerakoted, and cured for 5 days. After degreasing the The Delrin rods are then clamped in a vice within the vertical machining center and machined to size. An industrial adhesive is then used to adhere to Delrin rods into the billet aluminum block and the rubber feet applied. The billet then gets packaged within a clear plastic box and then cushioned within foam and packed in a corrugated box, ready for your desk! 

*Writing instruments not included


Mass: 1.1 lbs (0.5kg)

Production on the VMC
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