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Gtscientific 3" Fixture Vise


Made from 4140 PH Rockwell C 26-36 hardened alloy steel

Precision ground matching ways

4,500 lbs clamping force at 50 ft-lbs

Integrated edge clamp slots (for Mitee-Bite Talons, etc)

Standard 4" Kurt vise bolt pattern for hard and softjaws

Precision reamed bores for 1/2" diameter alignment pins

Compatible with fixtures plates with 1.25" bore/threaded hole spacing

2 can fit comfortably on a Tormach 440

Unique 2 position tension nut design makes it much easier to operate than typical screwless vises

Dual station option

~0.001" deflection at the top of the fixed jaw at 3,000 lbs clamping force, similar to a Kurt DX4

Hold large parts, only limited by the size of your fixture plate

Affordable multiple clamping stations for maximum work density

Low profile body

Includes a slot for repeatable softjaws in X (you press a pin in your softjaws and it locates into that slot)

Made in the USA

Currently beta testing, ETA March 2021

Looking at a starting price of $349

Limitations of the vise

It is not recommended that you clamp anything higher than 1.25" off of the bases, this may cause an unwanted moment that can cause jaw lift. So if you plan to use a 1.71" flippable Carvesmart, this may not be a good application.

While a 4" CarveSmart or 4" Dovelock masterjaw will fit, it may block the mounting bolts. 

The fixed jaw is removable, but it is not recommended to do so (although it does have precision dowel pins within it). It is ground to be parallel to the precision pins of the base. It is also designed to be removable to make it easier to replace if you machine them by accident as well as to aid in grinding.


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