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FV4 Early Adopter 4" Fixture Vise

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Product Details

FV4 Early Adopter 4" Fixture Vise. This is the early adopter listing. What this means is that you are getting a vise that has undergone some beta testing with 3 initial users (not including myself). It is intended for use in < 3 hp milling machines (although I've roughed cut some 4140 PH and aluminum on my 10hp Hurco without a problem). To my best knowledge, this is what the final product will look like (although with feedback from early adopters some modifications can be rolled in). Users who purchase this are encouraged to contact me with feedback, good or bad. Thank you for your interest in the early adopter FV4!

Comes with the following

  • FV4 Fixture Vise
  • Pair of 1.2" tall, 4" wide, 0.5" thick aluminum softjaws
  • 3/4" long 1/2" diameter dowel pins for the fixed jaw to fixture plate interface.

Basically, a vise that is ready for use right out of the box!

5 day lead time.

For those who ordered before May 1st I will honor the $325 price and refund you the difference until the end of May.

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