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Kickstarter #8 CNC Machined Element Magnets 
CNC machined element engraved magnets made from tungsten, titanium, iron, copper, and aluminum.

Aluminum magnets are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Copper magnets are machined from C145 copper one of the copper alloys with better machinability (since pure copper is really gummy to machine). I am testing a thinned lacquer clear coat on copper to prevent it from tarnishing. Iron magnets are machined from 304 stainless steel (I could use 303 which looks closer to iron, but 304 has a nicer finish (shinier) which can resemble freshly machined steel (iron). In short, 304 stainless steel looks nicer, therefore I will be using that. Titanium magnets are machined from grade 2 commercially pure titanium. Tungsten magnets are machined from MT17C tungsten.

All magnets are sanded with 1000-3000 grit for a satin/machined finish. Due to the increased hardness of tungsten, the finish will likely be more grainy than the other elements.

I am offering magnets made of five different elements featuring a 9.5lb magnet pressed in the larger end. These are useful for hanging something on the groove or holding papers on a whiteboard or refrigerator door.


Masses of the various magnets

Aluminum 7g

Cu 16 g

Fe 15 g

Ti 10g

W 26g

Magnets are recessed within the parent material meaning they should hold up to many cycles of removal from a ferrous surface and application to a ferrous surface without cracking. On a flat surface, the magnet should not come into contact with the opposing material avoiding high impulse forces (shock).

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